Lifestyle Management Services

Enjoy your free time and leave the worrying to us

We encourage you to play as hard as you work. By utilizing our Lifestyle Management Services, you can enjoy your free time more thoroughly.

We think your quality of life is important and our Lifestyle Management Services help you focus on enhancing your leisure time while maximizing your productivity.
Comprehensive cleaning

We provide the highest quality cleaning services that focuses on every detail of your home.

Includes services such as …

Comprehensive cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms

Carpet steam cleaning

Dusting and cleaning all surfaces, including blinds, light fixtures, fans, etc.

Vacuuming hard surfaces and carpet, mopping hard surfaces, and carpet raking after vacuuming

Cleaning inside windows and doors, including window sills and sliding door tracks

Sanitizing door handles and light switches

Stainless steel polishing

Grout cleaning

Appliance cleaning

Cleaning vents and vacuuming inside floor registers

Waiting Services

Every home repair service and delivery company gives you a time frame of when they will arrive. If you need something fixed or delivered, we can wait at your home for:

  • Cable and/or Internet installation/repair
  • Home deliveries
  • Service technicians
Moving Services

Are you new to the area or moving out? We can unpack you from your move and set up your house, including hanging artwork. Moving away? We will take care of all your packing needs, including providing the packing materials. We can also setup or transfer all utility accounts.